Framlingham Market welcomes Crafty Mrs Fox!

‘Crafty Mrs Fox’ is Nicola Grayson a resident of Framlingham, who works with ‘fine silver’ to create pendants, charms and rings.  Fine silver is 99.9% silver (purer than sterling silver).  The silver is recycled from a variety of sources, such as computer circuit boards and silver from photographic supplies.
Nicola describes her designs as simple and contemporary.  She handcrafts the pieces from start to finish, so no one is the same.  The little flaws are part of what makes Crafty Mrs Fox unique and special!
 Crafty Mrs Fox can customise her designs, so just ask Nicola if you’d like something personalised.  You can also order via her website
Nicola also loves wool craft, so you might also catch some of her ‘Crafty Creatures’ on the stall, which are needle felted.

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