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Austrian Wine and Spirits - Selection




Where to buy clomid in uk

Thanks to Peter and Luis Martinez, another great gourmet food product reaches the UK through “A Taste of Spain.”

Delicious Spanish peaches, in 700gr jars marinated in Rioja and cinnamon.
A superb gift available on its own, or part of their Luxury Christmas Hamper available to order now.
You’ll find Luis on Framlingham Market every Tuesday and Saturday.

Sildenafil dosage for erectile dysfunction

New arrival, Luis Martinez, brings a taste of Spain with him to our newest stall. Here you’ll find all manner of gourmet Spanish foods, from jamon Serranos to Iberico cheese and olives (and plenty of chorizo, of course!)

You can see more of A Taste of Spain at Woodbridge and Riddlesworth Hall, but we’re happy to report that Luis and his delicious stall will be with us every Tuesday and Saturday from now on.

More information can be found on their Facebook page – (Link opens in a new tab.)

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