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Over the Moon Cafe are very excited to present a new coffee for our lovely punters ! From now on we will be serving Union Coffee  (  http://www.unionroasted.com/ ) here on the Hill . It is a beautiful and mellow coffee , the blend we have ordered is called ” Bright notes ” . It’s a light roast , easy to drink ,  and creates one of the sweetest and most flavoursome espressos ! It’s also a Direct Trade coffee sourced from Brazil and Guetamala , with ‘Direct Trade’  being their sourcing principle which creates high quality coffee , and sustainable livelihoods for small scale farmers. Union make sure that they develop long-term, trusting commercial relationships with small-scale producers and their workers.

It’s also roasted ( in London ) on demand specially for us , with an order going in on Monday , and coffee ready on the Hill by the next Saturday!


So we hope you will like it as much as we all  here in the ‘ tin can van ‘ like it – Hattie has been excelling herself in various innovative forms of latte art , and Jaz is still being trained but is now pretty well ready to be our next barista !

So here’s hoping for a winter that won’t be too cold and snowy , and we will just keep on pumping out those coffees and hot chocolates to keep Framlingham warm and buzzing !  🙂

Mind the prickles Roger!

With Christmas fast approaching Roger and Penny are going full steam ahead making up their handmade Christmas wreaths. Roger’s working into the night making up the Christmas wreaths with his own fair hands, ready for Framlingham Market every Tuesday and Saturday.


Roger will also have a good selection of real traditional Christmas trees and his usual supply of home grown produce. Roger grows much of his seasonal produce on his nursery, or it is locally sourced where ever possible. He stocks fresh vegetables and fruit, and a range of cut flowers. He also stocks vegetable plants, bedding plants & a varied selection of garden plants and shrubs.

You can contact Roger or Penny at Etheridge Nurseries on 01379 384204

Puff! And they were gone!

Despite the slow foggy drive into Framlingham Market today, trade got off to a brisk start. It was great to meet Vij and Rob from The Curry Puff Company with their delicious Curry Puffs. The Puffs sold really well, available in Lamb, Vegetarian and Spicy Apple. In fact they sold so well that Rob had to return to base to pick up more supplies to meet demand at lunchtime.


Lucy from The Great Glenham Bake had another sell out, with her delicious Chick Pea & Lentil Rolls. As well as her usual home baked goodies, including Aga baked sausage rolls, various sweet and savoury tarts, and her too good to miss chocolate brownies.

2014-11-16 18.09.35

It was great to see lots of continued support for the market today, and nice to see a good variety of stalls, creating a great atmosphere in our lovely Market Town, Framlingham.

Remember, you never know what you might find on Framlingham Market!



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