Framlingham Market welcomes Crafty Mrs Fox!

‘Crafty Mrs Fox’ is Nicola Grayson a resident of Framlingham, who works with ‘fine silver’ to create pendants, charms and rings.  Fine silver is 99.9% silver (purer than sterling silver).  The silver is recycled from a variety of sources, such as computer circuit boards and silver from photographic supplies.
Nicola describes her designs as simple and contemporary.  She handcrafts the pieces from start to finish, so no one is the same.  The little flaws are part of what makes Crafty Mrs Fox unique and special!
 Crafty Mrs Fox can customise her designs, so just ask Nicola if you’d like something personalised.  You can also order via her website
Nicola also loves wool craft, so you might also catch some of her ‘Crafty Creatures’ on the stall, which are needle felted.

A flurry of snow and activity!

It was great to see Keith and Val back from Friends Farm on Framlingham Market this week. The BBQ was also back (With Val of course) cooking some delicious home reared bacon, and their very own award winning chilli and fennel sausage.


We had our first flurry of snow, and it was only a flurry, but some of the stallholders did get over excited!

The market is building nicely, and stallholders are starting to return from their Christmas break, although some of us just took a few days off over the Christmas period!

We hope to see you all very soon – Fram Market


New biodegradable cups at Over the Moon Cafe !


So that big day has finally arrived at Over the Moon Cafe with the arrival of 10,000 new coffee cups !


10 years of indecision and anticipation  – no one can say that this purchase was rash ….

The cartoon image of the coffee wagon on the cups was created with the help of Suzie Vanstiphout , a young artist and graphic designer (

She spent a few weeks last year working in the van as a barista, and the first planning doodles for the cups started right there .


Admittedly her task to create a picture of the van was a million miles away from the abstract art she is used to painting – nevertheless she has most definitely beautifully caught the cutesy and quirky character of our lovely 1940’s ex army coffee wagon .

As well as being stunning cups ( well – we think they are ! ) they are also totally compostable and biodegradable . A first for Framlingham possibly ?
They were produced for us with the help of two companies , Vegware ( ) and GreenMan Packaging ( . Their products are made from natural, sustainable and renewable plant materials and can be composted or recycled after use . At GreenMan every order is always followed up with a commitment to plant new trees with their woodland partners- so now there is no need for our lovely customers to feel guilty about destroying the planet with mountains of landfill waste ! In fact even the lids that we will be using with these cups are biodegradable ! ( although how one turns corn starch into something that looks and feels like plastic is pretty mind-boggling ! )

So yet another reason why we should love our Markets ! Low miles , local products , and low waste ! Oh – and lots and lots of great company with bargains galore !!

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