The Great Glemham Bake

Lucy Robinson had been baking as The Great Glemham Bake for over 2 years now. With a background in restaurants and owning her own delicatessen business for 10 years she is no stranger to cooking.

You will notice familiar smells of sausage rolls, cakes and pastries wafting up the lane if you are nearby on a Friday evening, as she prepares for Framlingham Market!
All baked in the Aga, the sausage rolls are the ‘main event’ using Suffolk Sausage meat from Hall Farm Butchers in Fram and Friends Farm. Tasty flavours are added such as apple & walnut chutney, home made caramelised onions & Jules & Sharpie Hot Pepper Jelly.
Savoury tarts are also popular along with brownies, lemon & blueberry tarts, chocolate & pecan tarts and peanut butter booster bars.
There are often new recipes to try and orders are taken. For further information call Lucy on 01728 663444.
You can find Lucy most Saturdays on Framlingham Market throughout the year.

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